Hi there!‌

Welcome to the Future Leaders Program. We are so happy you are here, being a part of this weird and amazing journey. We want to prepare the leaders of tomorrow and help them develop the abilities they need to solve the problems we all face together. Novoed(this platform) is a tool to boost that process.‌

Novoed is a learning platform where you can chat, read, view the program, discuss, collaborate and learn. It is easy to change and develop, so do not hesitate to give us feedback. When you go through the program we need as much feedback as possible to continually improve it and adapt it to our own generation of young leaders - one way to contribute with developing the program, is to give feedback on NovoEd.‌

We need help with everything from content, articles, book suggestions and grammar.‌

Hope you enjoy the journey, best of luck!‌

Evelin and Markus