Introduction: Each module has a specific direction we put our attention towards. Going from one module to the next represents a shift in where we direct our attention. In the first module, we focus inwards, we look at our own behavior, thoughts, feelings and mental models in an introspective manner. In the second module, we direct our attention outwards, towards other people, sensing the relational field and what is happening between people, you in relation to others. In the third module, we direct our attention towards what is happening around us, at the society and systems in which we are a part of.


The term "introspection", means "looking within". Introspection is the examination of and attention to your own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. We all have the ability to be aware of ourselves, our; activities, bodies and mental life. Introspection involves some kind of observation inwards, attention directed inwards, an observation of our own mental life, activities, and bodies (Gertler 2017). In the first module, we will direct our attention inwards through introspection and observation of own behavior. All the learning-goals of module 1 are directed towards you influencing or learning something about yourself. Either a new skill, change of habit or mindset. You are naturally then the focus of your attention.

References: Gertler, Brie. 2017. โ€œSelf-Knowledge.โ€ In The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward N. Zalta, Fall 2017. Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford University.



  • Meet each other - To start this journey together, we first need to get to know each other. We will introduce who we are as people, what is important for us, and why are we here. Meeting the team, a welcome into Future Leaders. Get to know your group.

  • Explore futures - To start our leadership journey, we need to understand both where we are and where we want to go. We will discuss the global context that we are currently living in, the changes that are taking place, the challenges and opportunities we are facing. We will collectively explore the futures we want to see and create.

  • Focus on ourselves - On the second day, we turn the focus on ourselves as individuals and what is most important for us. What gives us energy, our values, needs, our current goals. For this, it is important to set aside external expectations, focus on introspection and on active listening of each other.

  • Thriving you. We want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated as the complex individuals that we are. Our intention is that every person feels supported to focus on what makes them thrive, and makes it possible for them to lead themselves.

Desired Outcomes

  • Safe and inspired space

  • Shared rules and ownership for the rest of the program

  • Personal strategies until next gathering


  • Study ourselves - We continue to explore who we are and how we work at a deeper level, examining topics like our narrative, thought patterns, feelings, habits. We want to become more conscious about what our current starting point is, what we need to accept, what is holding us back, and where we have opportunities for growth.

  • Focus on the next impactful step - There are infinite things to understand and learn about ourselves. We want to find some practical personal strategies that can be powerful for us at this moment, really focus to try them out, and find out what helps us forward.

  • Keep supporting and challenging each other - We have already learned a lot about each other in G1. Here is our chance to make the most out of being in a group, to do our best to support and challenge each group member to grow and thrive, and also to ask for what we need from others. Every task is an opportunity for this, and we finish the gathering with a feedbacks round.

  • Own the space - Now that there is a clearer understanding of what is possible in the FL space, we are holding the first Open Space session where participants are in charge of leading conversations. Any other initiative you want to take up?

Desired outcomes

  • Stand strong in our own story and self-worth

  • Skill to observe our patterns and move beyond our limitations

  • Ability to support more on others in our personal growth, to give and receive feedback

  • Personal strategies until next gathering

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