Define Success






Pen, paper, computer




Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in what our current culture or sub-culture sets as a yardstick for success or progress. Although we share a lot with the other people in this room, it is important to remember that at the same time we might not be here on the basis of the same reasons and intentions. Some of us are here to learn, to achieve something, to gain something, to help others with something, to mature, etc. In this task, we try to make that more clear, for ourselves and the group. To collectively become aware of the diversity of thought, on how we individually measure success and progress. Intention: Becoming aware of what is important for us at this moment and defining what success means for us individually, in life and in this program. This is to set aside external expectations and to become aware of each other's measure of success so we are able to support it.



(15min)Create a sentence for how you measure success in life and reflect on how this translates to this moment and the program. Guiding questions: How will you measure your life? How do you define success in life? How would you like to define success in this program? How would you like to define success, if you try to set aside all external expectations?


(5min) Share your individual sentences with your group.


(25min) Discuss in the group: What can you as a group do to ensure that this is not easily forgotten throughout the program? What can you as a group do to adapt the program to the individual and what he/she sees as success in the program?

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