How to make the most of it?

This is mostly for new participants - but useful for anyone :)

The only way to get a lot out of the program is to put a lot into it! The effort that everyone makes really adds up - this is why we keep each other accountable, expect everyone to prepare, to support and challenge each other. This is how you can make the most out of the program: šŸŒ± On the first day

  • Be yourself! Everyone is interested in meeting you as you are and hearing what is important for you

  • Arrive ready to be challenged and to learn in a diverse group

  • Prepare your thoughts: What do you personally want to achieve through the program? Why is it important for you to come together with others who are on a similar mission?

šŸ€ During Gatherings:

  • Take responsibility for your own learning. You know you! Each of us is different - you will know how to make the tasks work best for yourself, and which parts of the program are most relevant for you.

  • Share as much as is right for you - you are in charge of your own boundaries.

  • Remember this is a collective effort hosted by volunteers, and everyone is here to learn, connect and grow. If you see something that can be improved, step up and help! Know something useful? Share it! Know someone that should be connected to the local FL community? Make the connection!

  • Have fun and dare to experiment! In this space you are encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and try out different ways of being and acting.

šŸ”„ After a gathering:

  • Take care of yourself and if necessary, support on other people around you. A little about the reason for this: Processing the new insights from a gathering can sometimes bring difficult emotions or require extra rest. You may also experience vulnerability hangover. And change can feel more difficult once Monday arrives and the real work starts!

    This process works differently for individuals, and each gathering can be different for you. Some participants describe that they feel down for a day or two after a gathering. Others describe instead that they have extra energy.

  • Focus on your commitments! Between gatherings is when the most important work happens. We cannot stress this enough. For accountability, reach out to your group or anyone else on the team.

  • Meet up with your buddy or have calls!

šŸ“š Before a gathering

  • Go through preparation materials and tasks

  • Sleep well - you will need all the energy and focus

šŸš€ After the program

  • Focus on the intentions and commitments you have set for yourself.

  • Remember that you can always reach out to the FL community - it's an excellent, supportive and resourceful network!

  • Revisit your program journal to remind yourself of important insights

  • Want to give forward? Join as a volunteer or support in any way that only you can

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