Swarming Sound Orchestra


This is a simple game/energizer to practice listening, team-building, concentration, and co-creation. It also teaches us collective leadership, meaning that we lead together through being attentive to how we together are moving, following, opposing and bystanding. (For extra atmosphere download this movie to have in the background: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IY37QdIETyBbjayb2g6too1lhiDurTWZ )


Begin by standing in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, with your eyes closed.

"We are now going to make a voice orchestra together. Whoever feels the calling starts a tone, repetitive sound or rhythm (with the voice) - Still with your eyes closed listen to the others sounds and one by one start to add sounds that complement the other sounds. You can also copy a sound that you like. - A sound Orchestra will develop. At any point, you can change your sound, increase/decrease your volume. Let's play with it and see where it takes us. "

Variation: SOUNDSCAPE - In (small) groups you make a soundscape from a theme: every group improvises for a few minutes and then agrees on a (short) sequence. - With closed eyes you listen to each other's soundscapes - Examples of themes: party, morning, evening, peace, jungle, the moon, etc

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