Intention: The intention of this task is to clarify for ourselves how we personally see the world. How it works, what is wrong and right in it.

Desired Outcome:

Being clear and grounded in our worldview, it becomes easier to get clear on our direction, what we need to learn more about, and then to take action.



Reflection (suggested time: 30min) How do you see the world? (If you're really honest about it, taking away what your family, friends, institutions etc would say about it) Guiding Questions:

  • What do you believe is true about the world (that not everyone agrees with)?

  • If you really look at it, what is happening in the world and why is it important?

  • When do you think - "These people really know what we should do!" Why?


What are the main challenges and solutions that you see?

Guiding Questions:

  • If you could change three things, what would it be and why?

  • What do you see is wrong with the world, and what should be done to make things better?

  • What are the root causes of our problems? Why?

  • If a miracle could happen today, what would it change?

  • What are the forces you want to oppose in the world? What are the forces you want to go with?


Knowledge gaps (Suggested time: 15 min)

Looking at the important issues you have identified - do you understand these problems and the complexity driving them? Is there anything you don't understand? What do you want to learn more about? How can you deepen your knowledge?

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