Hosting journey overview

Being a host brings a different level of development in Future Leaders. Below, you will find an overview of what a journey as a host might look like. But be aware that each city does this differently, and it is best to check in with your programme lead and city coordinator about that. You might also design the journey together as a new team. Regardless, you will grow as an individual, as a host, facilitator, presenter, and as a team member. For this to happen the best way, you are expected to participate in all parts of the programme, including preparation and evaluation meetings and seminars. Step 1. Kick-off - Online meeting

Intentions: Welcoming hosts to FL, building a relationship with the organization, and introducing ways of engagement. Starting the personal journey as hosts. Meeting cross-city team of hosts and exploring ways of collaborating. Sharing expectations.

Step 2. Weekend nr 1 Intentions: The focus of this weekend is on host journey and facilitation. We explore why we are here (as individuals, and as a team that is part of Future Leaders), and what we can do as hosts to create the effect we want to have in the world. We aim for a deeper understanding of the hosting role and introduce methods for making it impactful. Finally, we commit to practices that will help to make the best out of the year personally, as a team, and for our participants.

Step 3. Research period/online prep-courses Intention: This period is for individual learning. Now that we have a clearer understanding of our roles and what we want to achieve through them, it is time to focus on the competencies and knowledge required. The online prep material will give a deeper understanding of each of the modules in the program as well as facilitation so that we are ready for the second weekend.

Step 4. Weekend nr 2 Intention: The focus this weekend is on the program, understanding it as a whole, and getting ready to facilitate with more understanding and comfort in the role. Firstly, we will do a deep dive into program content to better understand the different parts and the red threads that go through it. Then, we will bring together what we have learned through host preparation, as everyone gets a chance to practice hosting, and we focus on creating an impactful atmosphere and flow for gathering 1. Step 5. Preparation for Module 1 Intention: The preparation work during this period is directed towards creating the best experience during module 1. The focus depends on the individual and team needs. Step 6. Module 1-2

Step 7. Midyear day Intention: This day is to follow up on the host journey, to align as a team going forward, and to celebrate the wonderful work done so far.

Step 8. Module 3

Step 9. Wrap-up weekend Intention: The first focus of this weekend is to wrap up the hosting journey, to reflect on learnings individually and as a team, and to celebrate each other's successes. The second part is to look forward, gathering gained experience to improve the program, giving input for the directions Future Leaders should take, and looking at our own next steps both inside and outside Future Leaders.

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