Expectations to anyone in the team. Including the hosts

As a member of a Team, you have taken on the extra responsibility to provide the framework for the delivery of a programme to others. You are co-responsible for all the practical things related to this. In each team, this will be organised slightly differently, and there are commonalities we share: The team makes it possible for Future Leaders Global to expand and develop. It is their amazing effort that inspires new people to join and makes it possible for Future Leaders to become a global movement where each new participant is welcomed with increasing support.

We are learners in Future Leaders. You use the experience to deepen your own knowledge, practising leadership, and continue evolving. Everyone brings something unique to Future Leaders. It is the sum of all our experiences and knowledge that makes Future Leaders improve each year.

We commit to being present throughout the programme

  • All Gatherings in the program.

  • Application process before, social activities between, and handover to a new team after the programme.

  • Ongoing team meetings and preparatory work from April/May until March/April.

  • Training and preparation days.

  • Being present, prepared and participating fully is a commitment to our own growth, but also for our team and participants. If there are any challenges, we address those with them.

We continue learning and practising

  • FL is a learning organisation. None of us is perfect and we are connected by a commitment to continue finding a better way, every day.

  • We don’t always have all the answers. We are open about it and give the participants and our team the opportunity to help us.

  • As we are committed to the transformation of our participants, we are as committed to our own transformation. We continue staying open and humble. We challenge ourselves. And we celebrate our growth!

  • We take ownership of our leadership development and practice.

  • We don’t expect it to be easy. We expect one hell of a learning curve.

We take participants’ development seriously

  • We hold space, speaking with intention, listening with attention, and tending to the wellbeing of the whole.

  • We are aware of each participants’ and our own needs. Treating everyone the same often means we must treat everyone differently.

  • We invite to transformational dialogues and conversations through powerful questions and share our own experience, thoughts, and emotions.

  • We create a good atmosphere and dynamic where everyone is included and can grow.

  • We practice together with the participants, are humble, and pose questions we do not know the answer to.

  • We do not lower our standards but inspire each other for growth. We are not afraid of our light but allow others to shine as bright as we do.

  • We aim at the state of co-hosting and co-leading. We empower the participants to take responsibility for themselves, each other, and the gatherings.

  • What we learn during the gatherings needs practice during everyday life. We ensure that our participants integrate their “outside world” with our programme and vice versa!

  • We make our tribe feel that our presence is a commitment to each of them, and we make them want to give the same commitment for the group as a whole.

  • Our commitment to our participants does not start and stop at the gatherings. We hold space for connection and development between gatherings.

We do our best to create a good atmosphere:

  • The venues should be cool, laid back, clean and proper. We prepare the rooms and personalise them!

  • We always have water and some snacks available for hydration and energy maintenance during the demanding self-work.

  • We are aware of the energy in the room, and call for breaks, energizers or conversations when needed.

  • We are aware of the immense power of such spaces we create and use it for positive impact.

We will be there for each other in the team:

  • We are committed to each other. We support and follow-up on each other. We ask for help when we want or need it!

  • When we make a mistake, because everyone does so, we are honest about it, approach it with positive action-orientation, and learn from it. We ask for help when needed or wanted.

  • We cannot anticipate all the tasks that may come up. We stay flexible and do what is necessary for our team and the programme.

We will speak up if anything needs to be improved:

FL is a collective effort and we actively engage in the ongoing development of our programme and our organisation.

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