Commitment ceremony


A final ceremony to wrap up the program, share diplomas, and for everyone to share their commitments moving on beyond the program.

Desired Outcome:

A collective sense of closure, commitment, intention, direction, readiness for action, and celebration of the journey we have been on.

Description This is a proposal for how to do a simple commitment ceremony. Feel free to get inspired and make up your own! Finishing the program is an important moment and potentially quite powerful and emotional for some. We want to mark this moment as a kick-off, where everyone can feel empowered to make the choices important for them. We ask everyone to state their commitments in a loud voice, and step over a line.

Preparation: You need a big empty room. In the middle of the room create a line with mask tape. Ideally have some nice background music to set the mood in the room when people enter. Prepare diplomas and (alcohol-free) drinks for everyone on one side of the room. The act of stepping across the line, into the unknown and stating your intentions should come from the most authentic place. This is the act of individuals crafting their future direction and for the collective to get a sense of potentially shared direction and purpose.



Invite everyone to stand on one side of the line in the room.


Introduce and set the mood:

"We have reached the final end of our collective journey. At the end of the last 5 gatherings, we have shared our commitments until the next gathering. Now, we share our final commitments, as we leave out into the world/unknown. What do you want to focus on, and turn into action, from this moment?

What will you focus on for yourself, for the people around you, and for the world around you?"


Invite whoever feels the calling to step forward across the line to share their intentions, commitments and whatever they would like to say. Something that can be said here is that if people feel the rush of adrenaline brewing up this is the sign that they are ready to bravely step forward.


Once they are done on the other side, greet each person with a diploma, hugs and a drink.


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