Hosting and facilitation(+Digital)

Good hosting and facilitation skills are leadership skills. In Future Leaders, this is most important for those hosting the program - but it can be useful for anyone who wants to support group processes.


Read more about the Art of Hosting on their webpage. Especially "What is it?" and "How does it work?" are essential. There is a long list of resources, consisting of videos, articles, and books.

Within hosting, different kind of spaces can be designed. The one that we use the most with our tribes / home groups, where we create intimacy to foster vulnerability and courage, is highly based on The Circle Way. It is best described via these three videos. (Part one, two, and three.) Some of the content is summarised in these 2-page guidebook found in different languages:

While we do not need to ascribe to the spiritual or philosophical elements of AoH or TCW, the tools, principles, and practices are immensely powerful for human transformation - which Future Leader, and Leadership, is all about.

Chaordic Stepping Stones


Facilitation manual from Chris Corrigan: LINK


Here is a great article that differentiates between training and facilitating.

And here between moderating and facilitating.

Online Hosting

Distributed Organisations

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