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In this task, we reflect to become more aware of our current patterns of dealing with resistance - both internal and external resistance - and then prepare personal strategies to deal with resistance better. We start with internal resistance to view tendencies and patterns of how we deal with internal resistance such as judgment, cynicism, and fear. Learning to deal with resistance through the strategic use of willpower might be a solution, as well as the techniques presented in the introduction. Furthermore, we try to locate obstacles and prepare strategies for dealing with resistance, either relational or contextual. Young leaders will also meet resistance from others, people set in their ways, egotistic mindsets, zero-sum games, and structures. We must prepare and become ready to operate in this environment daily without kneeling to its pressure.

Strategies for dealing with resistance:


Give a promise to yourself or others. Connect the promise to something that really matters to you, a need, a feeling, a goal, or a purpose.


Create an emotional link to a commitment. Visualize the challenge that lies ahead of you. Shorten the time from thought to action.

Stand through

Reinforce positive thoughts and feelings. Suppress negative thoughts and feelings. Focus on controlling what you can control, do not use energy to worry about things you can not do anything about.

Reward and Learn

Celebrate small wins along the way as well as when you reach a goal. Learn through creating an "emotional library" by once again recognizing the feelings you had.

Routines and habits

Create good routines and habits of what you have experienced. Think through if what you just did that can be automated or incorporated as a habit, which means you do not spend much energy repeating it.

(Karp 2016)



(20min) Reflect on your current personal patterns/tendencies for coping with resistance and difficulties. Optional: Discuss this further with your buddy.


(20min) Reflect on how you tend to cope with external resistance. Optional: Discuss this further with your buddy.


(15min) Visualize 4-8 scenarios that are likely to happen where you meet resistance from others. Visualize how you meet and cope with this resistance, what is your inner dialogue like? How do you deal with the emotions that emerge? How do you find meaning in those situations? Use the techniques presented in the introduction if needed.


(40min) Present the scenarios to your group to make sure that you learn from each other's solutions and tips.

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