Self-board (Host edition)






Computer/Mac, pen, paper


Head of Program


The effect we are looking for here is safety, vulnerability, and openness. The Host starts by presenting his/her self-board to open up, by doing this they set the standard for the group. It is important that the Host does this in an open, reflected and vulnerable manner. If it is done correctly it will increase the feeling of safety right off the bat and the participants will follow their lead. Another intention of the task is to become aware of your own self-concept, by this we mean how you view yourself and can include past, present, and future selves. We do not do this to find an "authentic self" or an "ideal" self, but to become aware of the narratives/stories we tell others and ourselves. We also want to start a process of working consciously with the beliefs, narratives and assumptions we hold about the world, other people and especially ourselves.

Intention in Host Program:

Firstly, we are doing the self-board to have it ready for program start. You can revisit the self-board you made as a participant, but it is more relevant that you ask - what is the story you want to tell today? How do you want to set the atmosphere in your group by presenting your self-board?

Researcher on vulnerability, Brene Brown, explains that the measure of vulnerability is showing up to be seen when we can't control the outcome, and it includes feeling uncertain, risk, and emotional exposure. Although we are preparing the self-board in advance, it is important to not present it as a practiced script during Gathering 1.

Secondly, we are preparing the self-board to meet the team, and create a foundation for supporting each other's and team growth in the coming months.



(20min) Everyone creates their self-board. The task is to illustrate who you are through pictures. Your focus can be divided into three areas, your past self, your present self, and your future self. You can choose for yourself how you would like to present the pictures.


(80min) Self-boards will then be presented one by one. Each person presents their pictures and reflects openly about the meaning of each photo/their illustrations. Make sure that you have some time for questions and feedback.



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