Habits of mind - Self


Habits of mind are cognitive skills that through practice come to be triggered automatically. By virtue of being "of mind", they are cognitive. Because they are habits, they come to be applied automatically, without requiring conscious effort.


#responsibility You follow through on commitments, act proactively and take responsibility for your own shortcomings.

#self-author You are able to identify own narratives and influence them. Thereby, avoiding victim mentality and self-reinforcing stories and/or thought patterns. #self-leader You apply effective personal strategies to effectively influence/regulate your own behavior, feelings, thoughts or will to cope with everyday life, performance, growth, learning and moral maturation.

#self-aware You can identify your strengths and weaknesses, exercise humility and mitigate behaviors and habits that result in overconfidence or impair effective performance. You also manage to identify own knowledge gaps.

#self-learner You apply and develop effective strategies to teach yourself specific types of material. You also manage to analyze your context and filter what knowledge is relevant to attain in any specific moment/situation. #embracecomplexity You allow different perspectives and contradictions to co-exist. You accept that we cannot understand all parts of an issue. Instead of looking for simple explanations, causes and solutions, you look for emergent opportunities, and for better questions to understand the situation.

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