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The intention of this list is to provide the participants with relevant background knowledge 1-2 weeks before the first gathering. Some of the articles/links should also be shared by email to ensure that the participants are prepared.Articles and preparation material


Fishbone Diagram (Cause and Effect Diag...QI Toolbox - Minnesota Dept. of Health.pdf

Spradlin - 2016 - Are you solving the right problem.pdf

Problem solving - Wikipedia.pdf

Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neur...ikibooks, open books for an open


Alternative text - English:

Link to course in A3 - Motimate: (NB: Course in Norwegian)VideosGot a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast

Link to Tom Wujec's page with templates and methods for System Thinking:


A Leaders Framework for Decision Making

Leverage Points

Nine Organizational Principles

Relational Leadership Model

Towards a theory of systemic Action


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