Eye gazing




Large space different from the entrance area


Chairs for # of people opposite each other in pairs


Program Lead


Intention: To physically experience the topic of this gathering - relational processes and be able to build on it during the other tasks. To establish a connection and intimate moment with another person not well-known to you, to understand the person and their feelings and connect with him/her.

Desired outcome: Let down some of the barriers and allow themselves to listen to their own experiences and be in interaction with another being. Connect deeply with someone without speaking.

Hint: for some inspiration of a person's experiences, read this article.



Set the stage (10min) - The participants arrive in a common area. - Introduce them only to the next step, not the task itself to make it work even better. Ask them to be vulnerable and trust the FL team. - Tell them to close their eyes and bring them one by one to the part of the location where the chairs are set-up. - Sit them across each other with people they likely do not know well. Tips: Some music in the background can help set the space. All pioneers can help to bring the participants to their spots. Be aware of the lighting conditions in the room and the space between the pairs and the two people.


Introduce the task (5min) - Turn off the music. - While the participants keep their eyes closed, share the next steps and "rules" with them: There will be a person sitting across to them and that they will look into the eyes of each other for 5 minutes. They should try to not look away, speak or move around too much. Allow whatever is coming up, if you are laughing crying, staring, getting angry, ...


Share the experience (10 min) After the 5 minutes are over invite the participants to share their experience with the person they did the exercise with.


Leading over(2 min) Use some insights shared in the big group to start the day and lead over to the first task.

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