Intention(Host edition)






Pen, paper, computer


Head of Program




The intention of this task is to increase your understanding of what drives you forward and what effect you would like to have through your work as a Host. We view and attack this task from three different angles, first, yourself, who you would like to become, your own intentions and desires. Then we explore what effect you would like to have on your group. Lastly, we zoom out and try to reflect on what effect or impact you would like to have on the world. How you define something as abstract as the world might be different for different people, interpret it as you see fit.



(30min) Important note: This is a personal task, and should, therefore, be solved in a personal manner. Find your own way to answer these questions. Some might find it uncomfortable, easy, difficult. You choose how broad, abstract and specific you would like to be. All questions are there to guide you, you can find your own questions if needed. Self We start with yourself; reflect upon your own needs, wants, desires and direction. What do you want for yourself? What is your personal direction, what do you imagine? Both narratives, stories, images, and goals might be relevant here. Group Now shift your attention to your group. What are you trying to accomplish for your group? What kind of effect would you like to have through your work as a Host? What are you facilitating? World Finally, we look at the world, society, and systems. In a broader perspective, on this planet, what is your work? What kind of impact would you like to have on the world through your work as a Host?


(15min) Find a buddy and present your answers. Focus on asking each other questions where there is a lack of thought clarity.


(30min) Gather in your groups and present your answers. Full focus on one person at the time. It is important that you listen, as you will be giving feedback to help each group-member on this in the next task.

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