Quality of relationships

70 mins of work | Released on 10/05/2019






Pen, paper, computer


Program Lead



Introduction: Research shows that the quality of relationships in a learning environment increases the chances of learning and growing. This is a simple thing the importance of which can often be overlooked.


In this task, we aim to explore what quality of relationships means for us individually and in FL, what kind of relationships we want to cultivate as pioneers, and what that requires of us.



(15min) Individually, imagine this scenario: You are in the group as a pioneer. A lot of β€˜external’ things are failing today, so you cannot count on them to carry the learning journey of the day. E.g. the tasks you are presenting do not really resonate with the participants. There is no coffee. Half the group did not like the external speaker that just presented.

Still, when the day is over, there is a lot of positive feedback in the check-out round for you. Basically, the participants are saying – "the program today sucked, but thank you for supporting us through the day".

Reflect: What is it that you can do as a pioneer, that will make the day successful for the participants, even when the methods and program fail? If we set aside all our tools and methods, what is it that still helps everyone to learn and grow?


(20min) As facilitators, we have learned some tools and methods that support a learning environment while also building relationships, e.g. how we can use vulnerability, how we ask questions, how we stay aware of the energy in the room. These kinds of methods are not always used for good in the world - they can also be used to manipulate people. Reflect, then discuss in the group: What is the difference between building relations to manipulate and to support people’s learning? Are there times we need to be aware of this difference in Future Leaders?


(15min) Individual reflection: What does the quality of relationships mean for you? How do you measure a relationship? What kind of relationships do you want to have as a pioneer?


(20min) Have a group discussion about the quality of relationships in Future Leaders. Guiding questions: What does the quality of a relationship mean here? What does a quality relationship that supports learning, feel like? What kind of relationships do we want to build and cultivate in Future Leaders? With participants, with external speakers, within the organization? What does that require of us?


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