How to make the most of the Digital Space

Welcome, Facilitators!

This list of tips and suggested activities has been compiled over the past few years through trial-and-error experiences, iterations and of course suggestions from other virtual facilitators! It’s a live document and will be added to and edited as we continue to learn and experiment with new approaches to creating engaging and meaningful interactions online!

Step 1: Prepare your Participants

Doing what you can to set the container before they get into the ‘room’ will help the participants prepare to show up in a way that will serve the cohort experience. This can be done through an email outlining basic guidelines for the participants.


Step 2: Prepare for your Session

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session and a few key differences from in-person facilitation:

Tip 3: Tools to Keep Things Active

It helps to have a few prompts or activities up your sleeve to use to keep the group active and their energy up. It reminds them that they’re a participant, not a spectator of what’s happening! You can plan to use these activities at specific moments, or keep them in your back pocket to pull out to help manage the energy in the room.

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