Commercial sales

On this page you will find material and insights, useful to sell Future Leaders Products in your city


For local city sales we encourage you to reach out to small and medium size companies. If you are/ want to approach the executive level in a big national company we ask you to involve the core team.

Sales process

This sales process is designed for the mix program. But - probably you will be able to find valuable information that can be used also for smaler sales.

Phone sales // suggested script

If you are looking for potential costumers, and want to reach them by phone this document suggests a script for the call.

Decision maker profiles potential costumer / personas

The person closest to the decision and the task is the SVP Talent Leadership or similar. This person is normally actively involved and passionate about talent development in the company. For most local sales this might be a good candidate to contact.

Valuable insights / Sales deck

For insights on potential valuable information you might want to share with costumer, se the following document

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