How to get strategic partners

Food, coffee and venues are big expences - the cool thing is that many wants to contribute to something like Future Leaders! This is a guide on how to get strategic partners.

As Future Leaders aim to be a cool, vibrant brand we should be careful at swapping venue, food etc for marketing - but we can use other cool models to have the same result.


Finding a partner for a venue is totally doable as many spaces are not used during the weekend. The suggested if you are aiming to do so the best way is to book a meeting where you present Future Leaders�; focusing on the impact we're having, that we are a non profit and what we are doing for youth.

Before attending the meeting set yourself in their shoes and ask what we can give back?

  • A leadership workshop for there team?

  • Visibility to participants?

  • Anything else?

A good tip is also just to ask; Do they see any ways we could borrow the space and give something back?

Steve and Hannibal has previously accomplished free venues for the entire program - ask they what they did :)Food and coffee

The key here is to go locally. Reaching out to national offices for these requests usually don't work - but ask a local cafe, grocery store etc might do the trick.

Same method; book a meeting - present what we do and ask how we can create a win win. :)

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