Roles, rules and responsibilities


Community Coordinator is accountable for initiating and monitoring the process of onboarding. Every volunteer, including Pioneers, Program Leads etc. is responsible for contributing to a smooth and secure onboarding.

Each participant will have an expectation setting/ Q&A session with a member of the current team (see Step 3 of Agenda). The best way to do this is to tell the participants to talk with the person who is currently in the role of the position of interest. This means that participants who are interested in becoming the Program Lead, will talk with the current Program Lead. The same goes for Community Coordinator, Challenger etc. When it comes to Pioneers, the participant who is interested in the Pioneer role ideally talks with his/her own Pioneer.


  • Be honest when aligning participants’ expectations for the coming year

  • Commit to contribute to the establishment of a new team

  • It’s not over until it’s over

  • Welcome the new volunteers in the same way that you wish you would have been onboarded

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