Getting speakers before each gathering is in the history of Future Leaders what has been the biggest frustration element for the local teams. The takeaway is extremely clear: all speakers should be booked in Aug/ Sept. If not you'll experience unnecessary stress and chaos.Important dates

Make sure to book all speakers as soon as possible.

Speaker profiles

You will find the speaker profiles for program here.

2019/2020 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mYEJ422gQJgBCpzg6WrjmZ13yJdnXxWo2kUE-Fazo9I/edit#gid=0

Communication with speakers

Asking speaker to contribute template


Instructions to speaker

Internal email to person on team responsible for speaker

Template for Future Leaders keynote

Please make sure the speaker uses this template for the presentation. If they cant do it, please translate the presentation into this format after receiving it.

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