Work Culture

In Future Leaders we’re what most people would call quite flexible. We don't care about how you work, where you work, or when you work, but we expect you to get things done by the scheduled deadline. We give you enormous amounts of trust, so make sure you follow up on it. We don’t believe in micromanaging, and most tasks you’re free to choose how to solve, the key thing is the result, not the method.

We’re huge on “trying and failing/ trying and learning” - you’re always allowed to try, just use common sense and remember the brand profile and mission.

When working with this awesome team you should remember:

  1. We’re international; Working in several countries is extremely cool, but can also be a challenge. Remember that there is cultural differences between the cities, and try to stay as updated as possible on what's going on! The international team is mainly there to support the local ones so ask them if you need anything! And english is our main communication language.

  2. We’ve been running the program for 3 years in Norway; so most program-related challenges we’ve been through already, make sure you ask for help, instead of starting from zero.

  3. We’re a BIG team; as we are a huge team it is challenging to make sure everyone gets all information all the time, just remember this; we don't have the time for secrecy, we’re running in 1000 km/h so we might forget to update you. Just remember you are welcome to know everything about everything. So ASK as soon as you have anything you want to know more about!

No matter what role you have you are responsible for;

  • Asking as soon as you have any questions.

  • Taking care of your team

  • Being direct and talking the truth.

Meeting culture

  • Check in// check out. In all meetings we check in and out; this is were you update the team on how you’re doing and your expectations for the meeting. This allows us to take care of each other, and deliver according to expectations at the same time.

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