Digital Communication Systems

" Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war."― Martin Luther King Jr.

The organizations needs regarding communication, projects and documents:

As a we are an distributed global network putting the right digital systems in place to facilitate us organising and communicating properly is crucial. In this section we walk you trough the systems, Communication Channels we use and why. Contact someone on the international team on Discord if you have any questions.

Internal Communication Systems to Coordinate our Global Community

What you will learn

By fully adopting this communication and organisation culture you also learn about:

  • The techinical aspects of how to facilitate a global movement

  • A way to work remote and efficient with an organizational model with volunteers who works at different hours, alone, in teams and where a it’s rapid changes of people and responsibility areas.

  • Communication flow

    • Get the information needed to make good decisions and initiatives

    • Easy access to understand what’s going on in the organization and how far we have come in different processes

  • Get a great overview of different projects, who’s in charge, how to contribute

  • Lower the threshold to engage in topics and/or projects

  • Give updates and information

  • Have a social arena

    • Share reflections, pictures, successes, build relationships, get a understanding of whom the others in the organisation is, events

  • Communicate and activate the participants of the Future Leaders program

How to set them up

Go through each sub chapter here to follow the setup instructions.

But what I reccomend here is to create a system / routine for yourself to most easly have access to the different tools on both your mobile phone and desktop. A hot advice we would like to offer here is to in the Chrome(which most people use) Bookmark row create a folder called "Future Leaders(cityname)" where you store all the links that are most used in relation to Future Leaders. Trust us on this, the easier the tools are to access the more they are used and the more powerfull the work in collaboration with the rest of the organization ;)

Philosophical Pondering: Our bodies are the sum of 100 Trillion cells. Leading researchers only know about 1 percent about what a cell is. We know that the cells organize themselves and communicate at the microscopic level. How can what we learn about how cells works inform us in how we organize, coordinate and communicate in our everyday organizations?

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