Welcome to Discord

This is our community communication tool where we organize and communicate everything related to Future Leaders. In this video I will show you around Discord so you can utilize the full power of this tool.... and the amazing community of conscious leaders that are connected to it around the globe.

How to get started:

First of all join through this link: https://discord.gg/XX42UdE

A quick overview over Discord before we head into the different parts of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rQBnBONesE&t=1s

  1. On the very left are the servers. In discord you can easely make new servers or join existing servers, by clicking the plus icon. There are thousands of Community Discord servers with different purposes out there.

  2. Above the servers is the home button. Here is where all DM conversations happens

    1. DM / DM GROUPS: Video, phonecall up to 10 people.

  3. When you click a server you get access to its channels.

  4. Users to the right. Online, Roles, DM

The First thing you will see when you enter through the link you recieved is the server info category with its sub channels:

  1. welcome

  2. rules and info

  3. Announcements

Read through these channels as they contain important information about the use of Discord. Now you have access to the until now hidden publicChannels / Voice Channels. These channels are set up to used

  1. Tag people, or roles to notify the right constellation of people.

Roles / Permissions: Organize information based on your role. This is for you to only see whats most relevant for you and your role. Organize information based on your role. This is for you to only see whats most relevant for you and your role.

Users online / DM / Friends request Pros of Discord is the low barrier of onboarding the future leader community.


  • On Discord we create channels based on the function of the channel. By cities or function

  • (Directions for how names and structure are to be when creating new channels)

  • Channel names and purpose

    • Very important when creating a new channel is to set the purpose of the channel. This for everyone to understand the relevance to them.

  • Notifications settings

  • in meetings and groups: new topic occurs. Set up a new secret channel to continue the discussion after the meeting/ in another group

Why Discord?

Building the 21 century Community Organization - Future Leaders Global Discord Revamp 2020

There is a huge need in the FL community to have more efficient means of communication and coordination both internally and externally. Right now we, as a community, are fragmented into silos, hindering the level of cooperation we need. And we are noticing symptoms on this in many different ways. Our community network, passion, purpose, individual strengths are enormous. For 6 weekends during the year we can feel that as a community. But then comes monday and the conversations and vibe fades out into memory. We need a place to continue the conversations and communicate within the community to tap into the potential of our collective potential in-between gatherings. A few years ago we tried Facebook Workplace but the platform was to heavy and fragmented. Then we moved to Slack but the barrier of entry because of setup is to high so most people fall of or wont use it. We need to improve our digital communication, coordination and organize more distributivity in the Future Leaders Global community.

Im proposing for our community to integrate Discord on all levels; meaning the Teams. Participants, alumni, external community, partners etc onto the same communication platform. Discord is made by the gaming community for the gaming community. Gamers are masters at collaboration, communication and coordination where they organize sometimes thousands of people for online raids etc. This is the platform they use for easy on boarding and communicating with their community of up to 120.000 people

This proposal is beyond the question of which communication platform our community should use. Its a question of what we as a community would like to achieve together as a community of conscious leaders on this planet. And how we would like to facilitate for elegant self-organization, communication, collaboration and community building across city teams, participants, alumni and external community interests like speakers, collaborators, partners etc.

Future Leaders is more than just a program. We are an autonomous international leadership community organization, coordinating a powerful program across 5 cities. This organization grew out of humble beginnings 5 years ago. Now we have become a network of 600 amazing people on a collective mission to mobilize and empower the next generation of conscious leaders that will take on the glocal challenges. This in order to do what we can together to build a thriving planet for future generations. Unfortunately we are fragmented into silos, without any collective communication / coordination platform to build momentum. This need to change.

In Future Leaders we should strive towards richer communication and coordination on all levels to support us coordinating more efficiently as a leadership community in the 21 century. Why? Because the experience of us organizing around the program IS the next level of the "program"! Through the very experience of us operating, coordinating, communicating and organize the Future Leaders Global programs on a day to day basis, we gain experience, of how to build and run a 21 century organization. We are entering increasingly more complex times and MANY other organizations dream of understanding this so they themselves can integrate the structures to adapt quicker to changing circumstances. We now know this because we have gathered tremendous amounts of insights through our 3 current corporate program for DNB and Storebrand. With more leads in the loop looking for the same. (Oh btw... we have now downpayed over 1million nok in built up debt from the last 5 years and are soon in pluss! Celebration!)

The Discord Revamp Plan:

This link: https://discord.gg/XX42UdE is all you need to get onboard(takes 30 sec to get in) to get access to the webapp. From there I would be recommended to install Discord on your mobile and desktop.

-When you get in write me and il give you a role to show you before we meet how it could work.

-We invite one person in each town, not necessarily city coordinators that are most excited about online communication inviting and setting up the tool and take responsibility for the digital conversations.

-We will need to invite people to join discord in the beginning and need to guide new people on-boarding to join the discord space on the relevant channel to talk with others. Its voluntarily to join offcourse but the the goal over time is to create such an attractive online community that people feel inspired to join the online conversations.

-One from the international team is always present on Discord during a few work hours (for example 15-16) to support, answer questions etc to both teams, participants, external etc.


-Community building platform designed for the 21 century online community needs. (Us practicing building the 21 century digital organization)

-Capacity for up 100.000+ people on same server. (Gathering the community of changemakers in one space)

-Streamlined role / permission infrastructures where we can organize people and channels based on roles and access to relevant conversations / information.(Easier to design the digital information infrastructure for us to communicate more efficient within the community)

-Integrated Video chat for up to 10 people. (Easier meetings within community)

-"Skype" Quality Voice Channels / rooms where up to 100 people can speak together by just clicking on the room. (Enabling people to drop into exciting leadership conversations with other enthusiasts)

-Automated bots to organize conversations, people, channels and information


-No (Slack) thread Function to organize conversations.

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