This page will give insight into how to use and set up SparkHire, as well as who is responsible for what.

Content: Need to knows and to do's for Head of Program Recruitment, city responsible and assessors.

We have our own contact at SparkHire, ask the Head of Program Recruitment if you have questions regarding that.

Need to know and to do's for Head of Program Recruitment:

  • We might just have a subscription during the application process and therefore, make sure to subscribe.

Build platform

Record and upload videos:

  • Before you build the platform, you should record:

    • Intro video (welcome video)

    • Outro video (for when they have completed part 2)

    • Each question for part 2 in a separate recording

  • To upload:

    • Number five on you left is library. Scroll to video library and press

    • Press upload videos (top right corner)

      • Upload the video and then press the arrow to show more settings. Choose whether the recording is an intro, outro or a question.

      • Make sure to give the recording names as "question 1" and preferably with the year they are used.

Make questions set library:

  • Choose option five on your left and "question set library".

  • Name the questions set Part 2 Future Leaders [year] (and if it is just for some cities, then specify those).

  • Write in questions and press enter after each.

    • For each questions press the camera icon and select the recording from the library that corresponds to the question

    • Add think time, takes and active time.

      • With a set think time, you can not choose takes.

      • Active time is the time they can record.

  • Save.

Make job:

  • The second option on your lest is "jobs". Scroll to create jobs and create job.

  • Job Title: Future Leaders [city]

  • Location: [That city]

  • Description: This is the platform we use for conducting part 2 of the application process.

  • Save and continue

  • Add intro video

  • Add outro video

  • Save and continue

  • Choose visibility: we chose to use "everyone" in 2019.

  • Save as active

Make interview:

  • If you just made a job, you can press "create interview now", otherwise the first option on your left is interview and you should should choose open interview.

  • After choosing "open one-way interview", you need to set the deadline. We use absolute deadlines, meaning that the platform will automatically close at the set time.

    • A tip: Do not set 12 as a deadline, as if may confuse some as to what day it is. Set 11:55 PM instead.

  • For adding the questions, look the question bank on the lest and press the + sign. This will transfer the questions and settings for each question over to your right.

  • Save as active

  • The link to the interview will then appear. Each applicant for the same job and interview will have the same link. The link will also appear under each job, in the view job section.

  • The platform is now ready and you should therefore have a meeting with the cities to walk them through the platform and part 2.

  • Add team to sparkhire. Go to The logo on your top right corner and press setting. Then press user management and add all the relevant people as standard users or administrators.

    • Each city has one user (through their city email) and as we only have ten users in total, we have to make sure that the cities that need it the most get users.

Need to know and to do's for cities and volunteers:

  • When you log on you are directly placed in the interviews.

    • On your right press job underneath the filters and add your job.

      • This will filter out interviews from other cities

    • When an applicant has finished their interview it says completes and you are able to press "watch".

      • After pressing "watch" you can see their recordings.

      • The questions are written on your left and by pressing the different questions, you will see the recording to that question.

  • The platform has limited user seats and if the city need more they need to contact the Head of Program Recruitment.

  • Each city will also add the links to the interviews to the candidate's Homerun profile. To do so, press share in the top right corner on the profile and create a basic link. Add that link to comments in Homerun. This will allow assessors who do not have a SparkHire user to view the recordings.

Errors: If the applicant receive messages with failure of connection, here are some tips

  • If they are on a smartphone, try a computer.

  • Are they using google chrome?

  • Try to restart their computer.

  • Check their wifi, or try another wifi.

  • Ask them to try to sign up with a new email address and therefore do it from the beginning.

  • Contact the SparkHire technical support team.

If none of the above fixes the problem, a solution would be online interviews. Those can be made and scheduled through SparkHire as well.

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