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There are some practical preparations that needs to be done to secure a good gathering. Based on the last years of experience we know that this is a fun process if you start early but if you wait - it gets harder and harder.

Here you'll some suggestions for important preparationsResponsible

The local teams are responsible for everything gathering related. Ask Steve if you have any questions :) :)Everything you need to know - how to host a gathering

Academic Preparation

Pioneer Development

To have a kick as program we need kick ass pioners. This will guide you on how to develop a kick ass pioner team. The pioneers are one of the most important roles within the entire organisation.Welcome

Pioneer development is an important process that has enormous ripple effects on all participants, the program and the future of Future Leaders. This process is obligatory for anyone who wants to be a pioneer in Future Leaders. This process has a start-up phase, a implementation phase, and an end phase.Responsibilities

International team

  • Develop all programs

  • Educate pacesetter

Local team

  • Host local gatherings

  • Do all prepp

  • Make sure all pioners go trough everything

Important dates

All courses are conducted online, some assignments can be solved individually, but others will also require the pioneers to meet locally. They will take place between 10-30 August.

August 10th - pioners compleet their Self Mastery Plan

Sometime between August 10th - 30th - Online training

Two physical gatherings in september - dates sat locally (2 days *2) add dates herePioner handbook

In the pioner handbook you'll get all the information the pioners need on how to prepp and what the role description is.Pioner handbook/pioner-handbookStart Phase

In the start phase, the focus is to prepare to get into the role. All future pioneers must complete online courses in the following themes:

1. Pioneer role, responsibility, and security.

2. Self-Leadership

3. Leadership

4. Facilitation

All courses are conducted online, some assignments can be solved individually, but others will also require the pioneers to meet locally. They will take place between 10-30 August.

All pioneers must also start completing their own training programs starting 10 August.

All pioneers also have to go through 2 physical gatherings. Itinerary for these will be on Novoed, but the gatherings must be facilitated in collaboration with the Head of Academia Local and Head of Academia International.

  1. Personal leadership - 2-day gathering with the pioneer's own development in focus.

  2. Program overview - 2-day session with a full review of the entire program.

Dates for these collections must be put in September, the choice of dates must be decided locally. This must be coordinated so that the Head of Academia internationally can participate on the program overview.Implementation Phase

In the implementation phase, the pioneer will juggle his own development/learning and his responsibility for his own participants. It is important that the pioneer manages to find a good balance between this. It is not expected that the role is mastered from day one, but it is expected that the pioneer learns and finds own strategies for the role through the program. This implies:

  1. Deep reflections after all gatherings.

  2. Completion of training programs throughout the year.

  3. Preparation before each gathering.

It is expected that all pioneers have a buddy pioneer to challenge and support throughout the year and meet regularly and/or as needed.

Head of Academia locally is also responsible for arranging necessary reflection evenings/knowledge refill if this would be needed throughout the year.End phase

In the end phase, the main goal is to extract as many lessons as possible from the direct experiences the pioneers have gone through. This is for both individuals, but also for Future Leaders as a whole.

It is expected that all countries/cities will arrange two gatherings.

1. Gathering to debrief the pioneer's own efforts, development, and learning. Program for this you will find in Novoed (2 days)

2. Gathering to acquire lessons locally that help improves the program for next year's participants. Program for this you will find in Novoed (1 day)


  • Define speaker profile for all gatherings


  • Find speakers matching profile for each gathering


Using the profiles for each gathering start doing research together with the international academia team on who would be a good fit. When you have some alternatives, reach out to them using this email:Description speakers

TBA July 20thMail templates to reach out to speakers

Templates contact with speakers/untitled/admin-preparations/academic-preperations/speakers/templates-contact-with-speakers

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