How to run the application process

Responsibilities throughout the application process

The different teams have assigned responsibilities, however this is a joint effort where Future Leaders come together and use our different strengths to find the leaders of the future. The different teams will collaborate with several of the point listed below, however the team that is responsible for the decision has it listed as their responsibility.

The international team is responsible for:

  • Creating the application process

    • Content for the different parts

    • Email templates

    • Profile

    • Dates + Timeline

    • Marketing strategy + Local marketing

    • Educate people to evaluate

    • Set up and create application platforms (technical solutions)

      • Homerun, SparkHire and HelloSign

    • Make the draft for the pages for each city on the homepage

  • Lead the administrative aspect of the process

  • Create a development document where all comments and learning points from the application process are collected.

    • Go through and implement changes.

The local teams as responsible for:

  • Communication with pre-applicants

  • Develop and finish the city's homepage site.

  • Handle the operational aspect of the process

    • Evaluate applicants

    • Local marketing

    • Send out emails and communicate with applicants

    • Organize and host the interviews (Part 2)

      • Remember to book venu

      • Make setup for Calendly

  • Having accepted participant sign the documents in HelloSign and download them.

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