Step 5: Build an Impactful FL Community

Building an impactful FL Community often takes the most planning and effort because ultimately this step never ends. There is always room for FL to expand its impact within local communities. However. there is a range of activities that should be conducted within the first few months of a FL Community’s existence in the community, to ensure the community will exist creating sustainable impact for generations to come.

Actions to Build an Impactful FL Community:

1. Once you have acquired a Community Team that is committed to the community, submit the new FL Community’s application to the FL International Team. Usually this requires you to provide contact information for each individual member.

2. Clarify the roles and choose who has responsibility of what in the newly formed Community Team. The Community Team will be responsible for coordinating the new Community. Your Community will be required to submit the names of Community Coordination Team to be fully connected to the rest of the network.

3. Now that you have a Community Team, the Community’s leadership must work together to draft a Community Strategy. It is important that they coordinate with both the FL International Strategy and other close by communities as a guide, as the Future Leaders Global Community will be aligned.

4. Once your Community is fully connected to the FL network, it is time to organize a Kick Off Celebration to come together, have fun and recognize the starting point of something.

Celebrate! The Kick Of night is a significant night for the new FL Community. It publicly demonstrates and reaffirms the commitment of the FL Community to creating positive change in the local community. The event should be more formal than regular community meetings and should include recognition of local sponsors, supporters and important stakeholders in attendance. You may decide to offer one of these individuals the opportunity to speak at the event. The program should include an orientation of the Communities philosophy, mission and vision. In addition, it should have a formal induction of the Community Core Team. Beyond that, you and the Local Community can get creative to make your Kick Of night a memorable night for the new FL members and the community.

5. Equip your FL Community for success by utilizing the numerous resources and materials that will set your Community apart from other local civic groups.

FL Community Administrative Resources

FL has developed a number of administrative resources to help you achieve the FL Mission in your local community. Follow these steps to access these resources:

  • Ensure your Community is registered on the FL Website.

  • Register the Core Team on the FL Website

  • Navigate the FL Website to discover the FL resources, materials and tools to support your local activities.

  • Create your own Local Community Facebook Page to communicate to the community about the Community and its projects, activities and events.

7. Now that your Community is established, it is time to get to work. Within the first month of your Local Community being affiliated, the Community, led by the Community Coordination Team needs to develop a short-term plan of action to keep the Community active and engaged in the local communities.

Plan for Impact: As soon as the FL Community is established, begin thinking about your next steps by developing a short-term plan of action for the next 3 to 6 months. It should include activities to get the Local Community involved in the community, raise awareness, generate funds for projects, engage young people and further identify and understand the needs of the community. It should also incorporate the recommended sustainable follow up plan described next.

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