Google Drive

Google Drive is where we structure our local and global resources, data and working documents. The Idea is to structure the folders system for efficient and easy internal use; both globally and locally.

Each city have theyr own local GDrive where the collaborate and access to an FL Open Drive with resources related to coordinating the community and organizing the program.

Ask your Cities Community Coordinator to get access to the:

  • Global:

    • Future Leaders Community Open Drive: Here all the global resource documents are gathered. The purpose of this folder is to gather all the learnings from the local teams and gather the best material available for the use of everyone in the organisation.

      • Gatherings Project templates

      • sponsor templates,

      • mails,

      • budgets,

      • reqruitments,

      • etc...

  • Local Community Folder

    • Local City Community folder where local teams store, edit and use the global resources they want to implement locally. Here the local team gathers all their local knowledge so the whole local team can find what they need.

For this work we have taken inspiration from Startup Weekend / and learn from how they've organised their knowledge in an google infrastructure to supports 150 countries self organising for the same purpose. Give people a good infrastructure and they'll be able to find the tools, knowledge and resources they need to self organise. Also Cleanweb: with their Resource folder on Gdrive

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