Impact Lead

This role does not exist in all city-teams.

As the Future Leaders head of impact locally, the head of impact shall have overall accountability, responsibility and authority for the community of the organization, and its day to day operations. Other key responsibilities include:

Overall responsibility

  • Delivery of community and the online community.

    • This involves securing support and leadership towards marketing, influence, PR, and sales.

    • Ensuring sustainable growth, and achievement of the community at the different locations

    • Involve dynamic on-demand contact, and guidance through the handbook for community managers

    • Involve development, goal setting, guidance, evaluation, feedback of action and achievements.

    • Involves guidance in local adaption of the community and the organization, leading to the best possible performance in the city/country or regions culture and towards all possible participants.

  • Secure transfer of knowledge and experience accumulated also to other heads of impact international and locally. Experiences will further be captures and distributed back through the mentioned handbook.

  • Ensure healthy and correct communication flows between local communities and global teams.

  • Engender and set structure for online communities. Administer that the terms and professionality of the online communities are being held

  • Ensure that sales deliveries, program or projects

  • Interact with ORG int. regarding recruitment, WoF and development of handbook


  • Develop the very best movement in this new market.

  • Develop production teams with local expertise.

  • Collaborate with other local heads of impact on best practice cases.

Partners, customers and collaborators

  • Run dialog and Negotiate with potential partners and service providers needed for production of the Future Leaders program.

  • Collaborate with local businesses to acquire all necessary resources and services.

  • Network effectively with local clients and develop strong professional relationships.

  • Become a student of the culture, remaining aware of customs and manners always.

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