The Future Leaders Global Organisation

Future Leaders Global Overview

Future Leaders Global is an distributed and autonomous international leadership community, led by local volunteers that are coordinating a powerful leadership program across 6 countries. With 6 Communities in 5 countries, FL forms a vibrant global community of nearly 1500 active citizens. All members are connected to a FL Community where they focus on finding solutions to glocal issues. The collective action of all FL Communities forms a global grassroots movement, empowering members to lead global change with thoughts, words, actions and results.

Future Leaders Global Organisational Model

Future Leaders is divided into two main organs; Future Leaders Foundation and Future Leaders commercial.

Future Leaders Foundation:

This is all the engagement Future Leaders do on a non-commercial level. This includes;

Future Leaders Movement

  • Represents the mindset, values and guidelines that we stand for.

Future Leaders Community

  • Is all events and online communication that is open to anyone. All community events focus on topics connected to SDGs or leadership. These are facilitated and hosted by community members and should be low risk and a communal and including vibe.

Future Leaders Program

  • The Future Leaders program is the program running in all the local cities that are for youth and by youth. Not focusing on profit but for effect: Empowering and mobilizing a new generation of leaders.

For the FL communites and programs to run smoothly each community have a few roles present. By distributing these roles in the community we distribute responsibility, workload, competance and learning on more people to make it easier to run the community.

In each city community there is:

Future Leaders Commercial

This is where Future Leaders runs all commercial activity. This exists exclusively to fuel money back to the Future Leaders foundation to enable scaling and improvement.

Future Leaders Commercial consists of 2 products:

Future Leaders full program:

  • When there is only one company taking part in the program. This program is more focusing on leadership and talent development, but also adds internal strategy and culture.

Read more about the mindset and philosophy behind our organizational model here:

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