This page will give you access to the templates for the Facebook event and all emails to be sent during the application process.

Feedback emails We cannot pick everyone for the program - but we would like to encourage each applicant in their growth, development, and work. Some of them might be more ready to apply in a coming year.

  • Thank them for choosing to show themselves, and sharing their journeys

  • Encourage them to keep daring to stand out and to work towards their visions for a better world

Program starts with the application process For most applicants, this is the first time they come into contact with Future Leaders - and this is our chance to invite them to experience what it is like to be part of the FL community.

How would we like to be as a community? This is a chance to be intentional about the space we create, and how we communicate.


During the application process the different cities might need to make changes to these templates, but add those as comments. The Head of Program Recruitment is responsible for making the templates, but this is a joint effort everyone in the Future Leaders Global Team can contribute to. Therefore changes should be made visible for all, as other cities might want to copy.

The information in this document is not accessible for the public and anyone who is a part of the Future Leaders Team therefore needs to ask for access.

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