How to use the platforms

This page will give you an insight into the different platforms, systems and other tools used during the application process.

Overview of the different platforms:

Homepage: This is where we have all our information regarding the program and the application process, as well as where the link to the application form (part 1) is.

Homerun: This is our main platform and where the applicant submit their information and part 1. This platform is also where we assess each applicant.

SparkHire: This is the video solution we use for part 2 of the application process.

Calendly: This is the tool we use to let applicants book time for part 3 of the application process.

Hellosign: This is the tool we use to get documents signed in the end of the application process.

Slack: This is our communication platform for Future Leaders. There will each year be made a channel there that is dedicated to the application process.

Playbook: This platform will contain all the information needed or links to the information needed to conduct an application process. If there is information that is lacking, send an email to

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