Pace Setter

This role does not exist in all city-teams.

As a pacesetter, you have the responsibility to make sure that the pioneers has the tools they need to lead participants through the Future Leaders program. The pacesetter will prepare, support, follow up and develop the pioneer through Future Leaders program, this involves preparing/adjust or submit the program before gatherings, collect feedback after performance, evaluation and gather pioneers . A pacesetter is organized and able to solve unexpected situations, see their own limitation and not afraid to ask for help. Works well with others and is open for new ideas and suggestions and is a doer and not afraid of challenging him-/herself.

Other key responsibilities includes:

Overall responsibility

  • Plan pioner gatherings and prepare academic material to gatherings

  • Keep an overview of pioneers in their groups and theirs needs in relations to understanding the subject material and tasks, preparation and performance of gatherings, also follow up pioneers between gathering

  • Be there for pioneers during gatherings

  • Update head of academia locally regarding situations and status in relations to program performance, the pioneers challenges and development through the program with special focus on elements that can influence Future Leaders centrally, with this conflict, accidents, psychological challenges among pioneers or participants, sickness, but also positive stories, breakthroughs and success stories that occur during the program

  • The main responsibility for pioners, coordniate resources after needs and can if necessary for a pioners group make changes if that is necessary

  • Insight in group dynamic in the different groups. To map out and meet different needs, and if necessary do some group adjustments during the program if necessary


  • Reports direct to head of academia locally, contacts director of academia if head of academia locally is not available

  • Work time and load may vary, head of academia can require insight in work process and call in for a work meeting if needed

You get

  • Coaching skills

  • Organizing experience

  • Leadership experience

  • A big nordic network with the top talents in each city

You commit to

  • Being a Pacesetter from August - April

  • Being responsible for organizing each gathering.

  • Follow-up of pioneers and challengers between and during gatherings

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