Build your Team

So; you want to start by building your team. This way, you'll have more fun, and achieve more! You know your city the best. You know the people, the norms and rules - therefore you are way better suited to recruit for Future Leaders in your city, than the international team. In other words, you are responsible for setting up your local team - but you can get all the help you want from the international team.


International team responsibilities

  • Recruiting the local core tea.

The international team will recruit the academic leader, the impact leader and the organization leader. If you are recruited in one of these roles but don't have your partners yet - get involved so that the team is someone you like.

You are responsible for:

  • Recruiting care-bears, pioners and pacesetters

  • Recruiting the remaining team you need.

Remember - we will help you to do so!

Robin is your contact person for everything recruitment


Now; we have created a guide on how to do it; check it out 1. BUILD YOUR TEAM

How to build a strong team foundation?

Future Leaders is build on three pillars: academia, organization and impact. All these are necessary for us to achieve our goal. To work as efficient as possible this structure should be the one in all cities where Future Leaders is running. By building the same structure in all cities we can help each other and grow together. Each of these pillars have one international leader and one local leader in all cities.

If there are more than 3 cities running in your country you should consider having a national team as well.

So when you start building your team you need:

You'll also need the following roles before the first gathering

  • Pioneers (1 pr 6th participant)

  • Pacesetter (If you have less than 30 participants we suggest this is the academia leader)

  • Carebear ( you need at least 2 pr gatherings)

If you feel the need for any other resource, feel free to expand the team. Based on history a big team calls for a lot of leadership and management, and therefore most people have prefered to have a small but awesome and professional team!

In all of the recruiting we have created a structured way for it to be done, as recruiting the right team is one of the most important things to succeed. Interview guide Interview guide - team/team-recruitment/untitled-1/interview-guide-team

When you got a kick ass new team member. What to do?

Team Development

We've learned that the key to having a fun time while running Future Leaders is getting a good team vibe, where you help each other out and have fun. Beneath, you can find two gatherings, the first one is a collection of tasks/processes to increase trust and understanding between the team-members. The second one is a collection of tasks to find both a personal and collective direction in your work.Taks 1 - get to know each other

See task hereTask 2 - Direction

See task here

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