Online program coordinator

As a program coordinator, you are creating a space for mobilizing, developing and empowering the next generation of conscious leaders to work together on glocal challenges and take long term responsibility. In this role, you get a wonderful opportunity to invite a group of ambitious people on a shared journey of transformation and to welcome them into the Future Leaders community.

And you can do it your way!

This role entails five main responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating the practical activities of hosting a program

  2. Holding the frames of the program experience, for hosts and participants

  3. Collecting and analyzing feedback for improving the program

  4. Adapting things where needed

  5. Supporting and making space for everyone to step up

The concrete tasks you will do is:

  1. Deciding the frames of the programs (dates, length etc)

  2. Setting up a team with group hosts

  3. Onboarding participants to our community platform (where the program will be facilitated for the team)

  4. Host the program: In the actual gatherings you are the facilitator in the plenary sessions and the group hosts are facilitators in the smaller groups.

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