Local Marketing Responsible

Before the program starts:

  • Be the main responsible for local marketing activities to get applicants. This means to carry out tasks given from Henriette (international team) who hold the overall plan for the marketing process. This year the marketing will be handled at the international level for all cities combined, but with local tasks e.g. asking schools to share info posts in internal groups, inviting people to the (global) "apply now FB-event", making sure that former applicants share and invite, getting content/testimonials from last years participants, etc. And of course you can be creative and come with suggestions yourself. But all in dialogue with and support from Henriette.

  • Make sure that the new city team is represented on the website. This means to gather information about all individuals in the team (i.e. Full name, email, role, and a FEW sentences about who they are), and collect (or please take new and fresh) pictures of everyone. And send it to Henriette who will get it out on the city site on our website.

During the program:

  • - Have an ongoing conversation with Henriette during the year about what is going on locally. Mostly for communicative reasons, but also to unite the community across cities/borders.

  • - Take a few pictures from every gathering and send to Henriette, with a description of the weekend - did something cool happen? Did a speaker say something eye opening? Or did someone give a particular good hug?

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