FL Impact Strategy: Community Checklist Checklist to Start a FL Community
5 STEP ACTION PLAN to enable communities to achieve sustainable impactA Single Active Citizen -> 5 Young Leaders ->25 Empowered Young People -> Build an impactful Local Community
Enabling Communities to Achieve Impact
FL members around the world recognize their responsibility for creating sustainable impact. The ability to ensure global development begins in local communities. By developing FL Communities that will provide relevant, needs-based actions and solutions to community problems FL will not only attract those assisted directly by the project but also those interested in belonging to an community known for creating sustainable impact. Your passion, action and results will keep your community at the front of others’ minds and
Build an Impactful position FL as the community that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.
Before You Start
  • Ensured everyone in the Community Core Team is knowledgeable about FL at all levels.
  • Ensured everyone in the Community Core Team understand the “How to Build a Sustainable FL Community Guide.“
  • Informed FL International of the effort to start a FL Community.
  • Ensured everyone in the Community Core Team know the rules for connecting to the FL International Community.
  • Created a timeline to keep the Community Core Team on track.
  • Identified and secured the costs and resources to support the effort.
  • Distributed and communicated responsibilities to the everyone in the Community Core Team.
Identify the Community
Determine if you will target a community where FL exists, or a community where FL does not exist to create sustainable impact. To achieve lasting impact, we must examine and understand the needs of the community. Therefore this step requires active citizens to analyze internally and externally to prepare themselves to address community’s challenges.
  • Identified the local community in which the FL Community would operate.
  • Collected and reviewed existing research and information about the community.
  • Conducted a SWOT analysis.
  • Conducted a community needs analysis.
  • Identified the priority needs of the community.
  • Confirmed there are sufficient resources to start a FL Community in the community.
Connect with Community Stakeholders
Enabling a community to achieve sustainable impact requires young active citizens and community support. To find such resources, one must immerse oneself in the community, identifying stakeholders who can connect you to young leaders and sources of support. Meet with individuals from all sectors to begin building relationships that will lead to sustainable impact.
  • Identified at least 15 community stakeholders to potentially connect with.
  • Created and maintained a spreadsheet to record stakeholder information.
  • Made initial contact with every stakeholder on the list.
  • Held meetings with the stakeholders that were interested to learn more.
  • Gained referrals from the stakeholders met with.
  • Maintained regular communication with all stakeholders met with.
Engage Young Community Leaders
Enabling a community to achieve sustainable impact requires a core group of passionate individuals who can ensure momentum is not lost in the community. These “young community leaders” will be the foundation from which the Community is built and developed. These motivated leaders can bring a fresh perspective and new energy that will engage and empower other young active citizens to join.
  • Made contact with every referral provided by community stakeholders.
  • Held one-on-one meetings with leaders to evaluate their ability and interest.
  • Gathered commitment from 5 young leaders to establish the FL Community.
  • Shared engagement opportunities with all committed leaders.
  • Maintained weekly communication with all the committed young leaders.
Unite Active Citizens
Once the foundation for a strong Community is established, it is time to work with the young leaders to promote the opportunity to create positive change. Encourage them to go five for five, each bringing five active citizens to unite through an empowering event, which will inspire them to take actions that create sustainable impact.
  • Held meetings with all the young leaders to confirm their commitment and outline the next steps.
  • Assigned tasks to organize the event to unite active citizens to each young leader.
  • Empowered and held young leaders accountable to complete their assigned tasks.
  • Confirmed each of the 5 young leaders invited 5 active citizens to attend the event.
  • Marketed the event to the community with flyers, a press release, and social media.
  • Prepared the program, logistics and materials for the event to unite active citizens.
  • Conducted event with at least 30 young active citizens in attendance.
Build an Impactful FL Community
With strong, committed leaders and a passionate group of motivated members, you are ready to strengthen the Community both within the local and global community. Using the FL Framework as a guide, these empowered young people are prepared to take action that will unite all sectors of society to create sustainable impact in their community.
  • Submitted application for connecting to FL Global and dues to FL International.
  • Established the Community Core Team and commit long term.
  • Drafted and adopted the Local Community constitution.
  • Incorporated the FL Community as a non profit with local and national authorities.
  • Opened a bank account for managing the Local Community’s funds.
  • Registered and activated the Local Community and its members on the FL Website.
  • Organized Kick Off Night to celebrate the start of a sustainable FL Community.
  • Created a short-term plan of action to put the Community on track to create sustainable impact.
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