Asana is the coordination tool we use in Future Leaders to coordinate the complex challenge we have taken on. We use Asana to train our brains to break down problems into chunkable bits that can easely be put into an order taken on by the right person at the right time to achieve a goal. This way our brain learns to think like that when #problemsolving #strategy. Asana is litteraly the best coordination / project tool out there. Trust us, we have tried them all. Not only is it a great tool but the company itself your should really get to know as theyr values are incredibly aligned with ours:

For a quick intro check out intro to Asana here. For a deeper dive look here

How to set it up?

  • To get access contact the City Manger in your city to get invited on your private email as a guest on the City Space. We only have limited amount of users but unlimited guest which has the same access.

  • When you recieve invite from your mail follow the link to set up your space.

    • Make a Asana shortcut to your browser favourite for easy access

  • Install Asana on your mobile phone

  • You are all set up and ready to go!

If youd like to take it one step further. invite all the participants into it also. This way you as a city and us as a FL community can play with new levels of collaboration and mapping our commitments, community goals etc to methodically work towards them :) Just an idea ;D

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