This page will give insight into how to use and set up Homerun, as well as who is responsible for what.

Content: Need to knows and to do's for Head of Program Recruitment, city responsible and assessors.

Help for platform: https://help.homerun.co/en/

Demo: https://demo.homerun.co/job/234749/overview

Also, they are very helpful on chat.

Need to know for Head of Program Recruitment

Preparations before the application process opens

  • Remember to always save!

  • Make job(s). One for each city.

    • If there is already a job, then you can duplicate it to get some of the basis settings. However, look through the steps below as there might be aspects that are not copied.

      • Press the 3 dots on the left of a job and press duplicate.

To set up job:

  • Settings: (top right corner)

    • Details: Make the job(s) public and make sure the information is correct. We want the URL to be future-leaders-[city]

    • Confirmation email: Press "custom confirmation email" and add the template for the "After applying online each applicant will automatically receive an email with information and thanks for applying".

      • Remember to put [first_name] when you want it to say their name.

  • Do not a make job post (front page on the job), we use the home page as our job post and will give applicants a direct link to the application form from there.

  • Edit (box with pencil): Go to the application form and add questions for part 1. Remember to add the personal information we need as mandatory.

  • Press circle in the top right corner (with your initials):

    • Team Management: Add those responsible for the application process in each city and give them access to add others.

    • Company details:

      • Company name: Future Leaders Global

      • Website URL: www.futureleadersglobal.com

      • About the company: Mobilize and empower a new generation of conscious decision makers, making ethical, sustainable and long term choices.

    • Scroll down to customize (on the left side in company details) and go to privacy.

      • Add retention period to 24 months

        • Choose for it to automatically delete candidate information after this period.

        • Save

      • Consent text "I agree that my data may be used for organizational purposes and will be kept for a period of 24 months.".

        • Set it as mandatory.

      • Add our Privacy Policy URL

        • Save

    • Go to apply form (on the left)

      • "Go to apply firm editor"

        • Make sure the company color is there

        • Press "edit copy (on your right) and choose English.

        • Here you can choose all the different headings inside the application form

          • Step 1:Personal information intro: "We're looking forward to getting to know you! <br> <br> But first - please share some basic info so we can contact you".

            • <br> <br> : this code makes the next sentence skip down.

          • Step 2: Questions intro

            • Line 1: "Questions"

            • Line 2: "We know that you are unique, and this step is all about getting to know you better. <br> <br> Before you continue to answer the questions, please sit comfortably and take some deep breaths. You have all the time that you need."

          • Step 5: Submit

            • Submitted

              • Line 1: "Your application <br> has been submitted!"

              • Line 2: You will receive an email confirming your application shortly (usually within 15 min).

              • Line 3: Go back to application form

  • On the front page you can duplicate a job. Press the 3 dots on the left of a job and press duplicate.

    • Make sure to change location.

    • Make sure all the steps have been duplicated.

  • After this, the platform should be ready for applicants and you should now schedule a meeting to guide the cities through the platform and part 1.

  • After the application process is over, you have to close the different jobs. You do so by going to settings and in the bottom of the page you press "close job"

Need to know and to do's for city responsible

This is a need to know and to do's for the setup, system and communication with applicants, not evaluation criteria.

Before the application process opens:

  • You will have your own job post, however if there are changes you want to make with the layout, contact Head of Program Recruitment. We might want to make the change for all cities.

  • If you make changes, remember to always save them.

  • Press circle in the top right corner (with your initials):

    • Team Management: The one responsible for the application process in your city will make sure to add those who will assess applications as users.

  • Settings:

    • Hiring process: You can add the stages you want. Examples: "Read one time","Accepted to part ll","Declined from part l".

    • Hiring team: Add assessors.

  • If you press edit (right corner box with pencil) you are able to see the application process. If you press the eye (top right) you will see exactly what the applicant see.

  • When part 1 closes you have to manually go into settings and change the visibility from "Public" to "Private".

After the application process opens:

  • All emails except the confirmation email, are sent manually.

    • Get familiar with the timeline, to have an overview over all the emails you need to send and at what dates.

    • All emails are in a document in the template page.

    • To send email: Go to job, press the stage you want to send an email, tick of the name box (to mark all names). A box will appear in the bottom and you are to press the three dots and then send email.

      • Remember to add subject and write [first_name], not copy (in case it does not transfer).

      • Always double check all the information and the spellings. If you find errors you are responsible to add those changes in the template document.

  • When declined applicants have received the email informing them that they are not through, you disqualify them on Homerun

    • Go to the stage

    • Press the name box to mark all names

    • On the box that appears in the bottom middle, press the circle with the line (it shows disqualify when you point at it)

    • Choose "do not nofity" as they have already been notified.

    • Press "done".

    • Remember to do this for all stages.

  • You are also responsible for responding to any email the applicants send to the platform or directly to you. For questions, ask Head of Program Recruitment

  • To be sure that information is sent out properly, the local teams can create dummy candidates for each stage throughout the process.

Need to know and to do's for those assessing applicants

  • Press your city's job post

  • Press on the name of an applicant and assess.

    • You can comment and tag other team members of you right side.

    • After you have assessed the person press the downwards arrow and add the applicant to the next stage.

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