Welcome to the the Future Leaders Scaling Strategy

As a grassroots organization it is the FL Communities that work each and every day globally to create positive change. Global impact can only be achieved by people in local communities joining together to take ownership for both their problems and their solutions. FL Communities have the opportunity, ability and motivation to enable their community to unite all sectors of society to achieve sustainable impact.

Each individual FL member is part of a FL Community, a body of like-minded individuals committed to creating positive change in their local community. Each FL Community is autonomous and constantly coordinating and learning from other FL Communities to create a distributed network constantly working each and everyday to achieve the FL Mission of mobilizing and empowering the next generation of conscious leaders to take on a global responsibility.

As FL continues to exist in a changing world, it is important that our community adapts and evolves with these changes. While the FL Mission and Vision will stay constant, we must define new goals and strategies that will propel us into the future.

Future Leaders will be the Community that unites all sectors of society and strengthen global partnerships to support and achieve the ambitious targets of the 2030 Agenda, bringing together national governments, the international community, civil society, the private sector and other actors.

To achieve this long-term goal and expand our impact, FL must continue to mobilize and empower young people to enable their community to achieve regenrative impact.

The How to Build a Sustainable FL Community Local Action Guide is developed based on the FL Impact Strategy. This strategy follows a needs-focused, community-based approach to starting new FL Communities. This guide is just one of several resources prepared by FL International to support you.

While the process of starting a new FL Community will look different depending on the community you target, there is a general process you can follow to guide such efforts. That process and other helpful tips are outlined in this guide.

We welcome your comments, criticisms and suggestions so that we may continually improve our services to you.


Why Organize With Like-Minded Individuals?

When individuals with similar beliefs, passions and goals come together their shared views not only unite them but also empower them. In the process of organizing with citizens of similar principles, those same individuals are also enabled to access their own personal and collective power and employ that power toward achieving shared goals. In an empowered Community, there is clarity of vision, shared purpose and empowered individuals who understand their responsibilities. Empowered citizens are the foundation for building a prosperous and peaceful society.

Why Organize in Your Local Community?

Within any community, you will find an array of diverse individuals that exercise their own unique personal attitudes. While it is important to unite individuals with similar ideas and beliefs, it is just as important to connect and learn from people who have differing opinions and perspectives. Organizing people who share the same community will ensure diverse ideas on how to improve the community are heard. When there are more ideas, understanding and perspectives contributed when trying to provide community solutions, the more sustainable the impact.

Why Organize into a FL Community?

Citizens of any community can unite together, connecting their shared values and diverse ideas. However to be a FL Community, the community group would need to acquire certain characteristics that create opportunities for the individual members and the community it serves. Those opportunities beyond individual and community empowerment include:

  • Connection to a global network of like-minded young active citizens

  • Development of skills like self-leadership, interpersonal relationship, leadership, communications, collaboration, coordination and hosting through a learning by doing environment.

  • An established structure for your group to get organized by utilizing FL’s Coordination, Community and knowledge resources

  • The knowledge that you are part of a global movement working to inspire active citizenship within the next generation of Future Leaders

STEP 1: Understand Future Leaders Global

Before you consider if initiating Future Leaders in your city is relevant it is important that you understand what Future Leaders is and why we exist. By going trough this check list you will gain quite a lot of insight and information.

Step 2: Understand your role as an initiator

Your role as an initiator is to set up Future Leaders in your local community. This is an extremely rewarding, fun and important job - but it's also a lot of work. This overview will give some insight in what the job initials. Please read trough and get an impression if it's something you would enjoy.

STEP 3: How do you apply?

When you have gone trough all the information above and thinks; this sounds cool and important your next step is to reach out to us. You can either apply directly, or you can sign up for discord to ask more questions and book a meeting where you can get further insights.

Hope this was valuable, and hope you'll become an initiator!

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