On this page you will get an overview over what how to use HelloSign.

Content: General information, to do's for Head of Program Recruitment and city responsible.

Everyone who are a part of Future Leaders Global has to sign a few documents. To do so we send them a link from HelloSign, for them to sign it online.

After signing, these documents have to be placed in a folder for us to keep it through the period they have been signed for.

The Head of Program Recruitment: Responsible for setting up templates (link) and teaching the city responsible how to collect and download signed documents

  • You need the business subscription for the application process, while the pro subscription should be enough for the rest of the year.

  • When you have signed in you press template and create a link.

    • Add file: Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.

    • What role needs to sign: Future Leaders

    • Prepare doc for signing

      • Add signature and date both places.

      • Press continue.

    • Add template name

      • Each city gets their own template to make the downloading process easier.

      • Name: Future Leaders [city]

    • Create link

    • Activate in-person signing

    • Send tablet setup link

    • Cross out.

    • To double check, you now press the line of the template and check if it says enabled on in-person signing status.

    • The to make more, you just repeat the process.

  • By doing so, you can add the link to email.

  • The link will be the same for all in one city.

The city responsible: Responsible for sending out link, following up to make sure everyone signs it and download it to a folder.

  • To find link to send out:

    • Press template

    • Press use link

    • Press the line of the link you need

      • the link will appear on your right

    • Copy and add the link to the email

  • To see who has signed and download:

    • Press documents.

    • Press all team documents

    • Write your city in the search felt

    • If you press the downward arrow on a signed document, you will get the option of downloading the document.

    • Download and add the document to a Google Docs folder in your city that is only open for you, the city email and the technical email.

  • NOTE: The date of the signature has often been incorrect in HelloSign, however it is correct in the document.

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