Guidelines different communication platforms

General tone of voice

We like to be cool and friendly, but also professional. We are the ones proving that the youth can be trusted with crucial responsibility and that it’s possible to have power and influence and still be kind and respectful. There is, of course, a touch of rebelliousness, balanced out with material proving that we know what we’re talking about.


On the website we have a more formal lingo, representing a global movement and trusted leadership developer.

Social media

Our tone of voice on some is anchored in a “down to earth” vocabulary. Talking to our followers as friends; discussing important topics, having a dialogue and finding the solutions together.

We’re focusing on the people in the movement, and the topics that engage them.

Leading by example and showcasing the impact of our programs through the results and feedback from previous participants.

On social media, we’re focusing on reaching the youth and not the corporates.

We use Instagram and Facebook. Find Templates for posts here:

We only have international official pages. If a city want a local forum this should be a group and not a page.


Our Medium channel features the voices of the Future Leaders. In other words there is a lot of room for different perspectives etc.

The format is like an Opinion pice in a newspaper. ( See here for guidelines )

Template for Medium Op-Ed


Youtube is a platform to highlight the people in Future Leaders as well as the gatherings and events. If you want to start a YouTube concept it is highly supported. Reach out to to get started.

These are examples of formats we aim for in our videos

Press/ Media

At this point all media and press requests should be coordinated with the international team. - reach out to Elin Nørve// // 95 46 91 61 when relevant.

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