Initiator + Core Team


As an initiator, you will be the seed that facilitates for your local community flourishing. Among other things, setting up an FL program includes the following responsibilities which can be distributed within your local team:

  • Finding a core team + participants for the program (November-February)

  • Depending on what level of distribution you choose for your local community, you will be initiating, hosting, and participating in the program locally for six weekends (Saturday + Sunday). There are two gatherings a month between February-May, depending on when you plan the gatherings.

  • 6 hours preparation per week for core team until the beginning of the program in February

  • Co-creating the scaling journey with the international scaling team.

  • Handing over the program to the next generation of local hosts

When hosting the program in your local community, you will be part of a glocal scaling team consisting of 14 other initiators and the Future Leaders Global scaling team that will continuously support you with:

  • Training in facilitation and hosting

  • Training in our leadership program

  • Onboarding on our platforms

  • Marketing material and strategy

  • Follow-up in regular meetings

Core team

When the core team is established your next responsibility and goal is now to coordinate the Fl Local Marketing, Application process and prepare for Gathering 1 in this order.

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