On this page you will get a short overview over to do's for Calendly.

We use Calendly for booking interviews for part 2 of the application process

Make a free profile with your city email.


This process is fully managed by the cities, however if there are questions, ask the other cities or the Head of Program Recruitment.

The link for Calendly must be added in the email for part 2 acceptances.

If you have the capacity to run several interviews at the same time in your city, this is the easiest way to create an event using Calendly:

1. Add users

Under account you find the possibility to add additional users. Here you add the numbers of users that equals the number of interviews you can run simultaneously at your maximum capacity.

Example: If Oslo have the capacity to run 3 interviews simultaneously, that equals 3 users.

2. New team

You will find this function at the front page (home) of your Calendly account.

  • Team name: Team [city]

  • Team page:[city]

*to use futureleaders[city] as the team page you need to edit your link under account settings. We would recommend using a short version of your city name.

Example: under my link in account settings

and on your team page

Team members: Add the user from step 1

Time zone: Your local time zone.

3. New event

Create an event for your team and

1. Type of meeting:

  • Round Robin

2. What event is this?

Event name: Future Leaders [City] – Interviews

Description/instructions: Instructions specific for your event

Event link:[city]/interviews

Event color: Orange

3. When can people book this event?

Event duration: 30 min

Date range: Select “over a date range” and then select the dates for your city

Event time zone: “Locked” is recommended for in person interviews

Availability: Edit after your need.

Example: If you can run three interviews simultaneously form 9 am to 2 pm and two interviews simultaneously form 2 pm to 4 pm, you edit the existing time interval to fit your first interval (9am-2pm). Then add a new interval for the next interval (2pm-4pm) and press show team members for this interval to remove the team member that isn’t available.

Secret event: No

4. Team members & location

Round robin distribution: Optimize for equal distribution

Location: Add the location for the interview under each team member.

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