This page provides a timeline for how to build the application process. However, make sure that you also read into the other aspects of the application process and responsibility areas.

This page contains a timeline, however the different responsibilities are not assigned in this timeline, so make sure you know what you are responsible for.

To make sure the application process is successful, developmental and a good experience for the different parties, we suggest to begin the work early on.

Marketing is not included in this timeline. Press link for marketing of the application process.

The timeline below is a guideline on how to structure time in the application process. The prior and current application process timeline are found here:

Month 1 (3.0-3.5 months before program start)

  • Evaluation/ Strategy / Profile gathering: The intention of this gathering is to go through the last year, evaluate and make suggestions for development. The output of this gathering will develop into changes for the application process, program and the profile we are looking for.

Month 2 (Before the application process opens)

  • Set profile + criteria

  • Content for application process + templates

  • Set dates for application process and program

  • Build platforms (Homerun and Sparkhire)

  • Make Calendly setup

  • Make link in HelloSign

  • Book venue to part 3

  • Make page for each city on the homepage

  • Educate those who will evaluate applications

Month 3

  • Day 1:

    • Open application process

    • Post Facebook events

    • Send email to pre-applicants

  • Day 28

    • Deadline part 1

    • Close application process manually at midnight on Homerun

  • Day 29

    • Send application closed email

  • Day 36

    • Answers part 1 (Send out email to let the applicants know if they are through or not)

  • Day 37

    • Open part 2

    • Send part 2 information/case email with link to SparkHire

  • Day 42

    • Part 2 closes automatically at 23:55 on SparkHire

  • Day 50

    • Answer part 2 (Send out email to let applicants know it they are through or not)

      • Remember to add link to book interview time via Calendly

  • Day 54-56

    • Part 3 (interviews)

  • Day 57

    • Answer part 3 (Send out email to let applicants know if they have received a spot on the program or not)

      • Include:

        • HelloSign link for Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy

        • Ask for dietary restrictions (for gathering lunch) and address (for payment)

  • Day 59

    • Deadline to confirm their spot on the program

  • Day 60

    • Send email to confirm that they have followed the steps needed (paid invoice, sent allergies, etc.) or send email to let them know what they are missing.

  • Day 68

    • (Day before Gathering 1)

    • Send text with information about location, time and what they need to bring.

  • Day 69

    • Application process is over = Program start

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