In Future Leaders Global, we are creating spaces that allow for self-development. These spaces will always have someone putting their attention to the purpose (intention) and principles (framework) of the given space. They will ensure that the space is powerful so that all who are part of the space will have experienced some becoming, transformation, or unfolding (depending on what word you prefer to use in which context ☺). Most of the time in Future Leaders, those spaces are held in smaller groups, tribes or circles, which the host is a part of. The host hosts the journey of their tribe throughout the space, gathering, and whole programme. They are responsible for the experience of their tribe. They ensure the becoming, transformation, and unfolding. Also for themselves, as they are part of their tribe. In FLG, we focus on leadership qualities. We want to empower and mobilise for responsible action, consciousness, and a thriving world. As a Host, that is your job.

As we aim to provide the highest quality possible, all hosts attend a host development program where they further develop their own hosting and leadership skills. Read all about the host role in the handbook here.

You get

  • Leadership development skills

  • Hosting skills, as well as facilitation, presentation, and organisational skills

  • Insight in the development of the future of education

  • A free, one-year host development program

  • To pay it forward; developing new Future Leaders pushing the world in the right direction

  • Real-life leadership experience

  • A big nordic network with the top talents in each city

You commit to

  • Participate in the host development program

  • Being a Host at six gatherings from September - March

  • Following up your participants between each gathering. (Expect 6 hours per month)

  • Joining debrief and prepping sessions. ( Expect 7 hours per month)

Are you the right candidate?

  • A host leads themself and others in a way that creates positive change in the group as a whole and for the individuals in the group

  • A host is able to host a group while staying grounded and rooted in themself

  • A host is able to solve unexpected situations, see their own limitations and is not afraid to ask for advice/help

  • A host creates a feeling of security for the participants through their actions and their way of communicating

  • A host challenges themself and the participants positively throughout the year and contributes to a platform where the participants can grow and develop themselves

  • A host is a role model through practicing self-leadership and living the principles of hosting

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