Setting up Future Leaders in new Cities

In this guide, you'll find all the information you need to set up this year's Future Leaders program in your city. Look at this as your guide on how to spend your time before the first gathering. The Basics in Order

The Basics in Order

Before you get started with everything else there are some key things that needs to be decided. Please start by adding info, so that we can get it online. Dates

It's your program - therefore you're also the one to set the dates. We have had some suggestions - but your the boss. We need this asap - but July 25th at the latest.

This is what we need

  • Gatherings: 6 weekends. (make sure it's not in the vacay etc.)

  • Community events: one pr month (3-4 hours)

  • Graduation: after last gathering/ on the last gathering

Please add all dates here - and we promise to get it online :)

Future Leaders 20 / 21 Key Info

Here you'll find a quick overview over this years program Important dates

Complet program launched internally: July 20th. (Including profiles for speakers etc)

Application process opens: July 25th

Application process part closes1: August 30thFuture Leaders 2017/2018 project mandate

In Future Leaders we use project mandates to describe the goal, deadlines etc with a project. By taking a look at the project mandate for this years program you'll get a overview that might come in handy. Before you start, take a look at the details for this year's program

Check out the project mandate here

Quick recap

  • One program is 5 gatherings

  • The projects are removed

  • The profile we're looking for are those with the ability to change most for the better.

Locations Autumn 2017/2018

This year the program will run in.

  • Oslo

  • Bergen

  • Kristiansand

  • Copenhagen

  • Harare

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