How to Build a Sustainable Future Leaders Community in new Cities

So; we’re growing, and more and more people are impacting who we are, how we are developing and where we’re going. That is awesome, and our aim is to be able to balance some of the good old things as well as growing and developing.

This document describes the Future Leaders culture, and how we want it to be and will be especial valuable for everyone who are a part of building the community and culture in Future Leaders at one of our locations.

What’s the goal with with our culture and community?

So as you know the aim for Future LEaders is to create impact; social, economical and environmental sustainability through awesome leaders! That means that everything we do when we build the community is directly tied up to that. To be able to do that there are some things that are crucial that we focus on when we’re building our community

  • Give our team and community the possibility to understand the status quo of the world and how it is going to develop.

  • Connect people. Magic happens when good people meet, therefor we should connect all of the people we have in our network both with each other and interesting and inspiring people we don’t know. Cross culture, generations, industries, culture etc. - the more different the better.

  • Give our network an insight in the future. How is the world developing; easy rule of thumb. If it’s connected to the development within one of the UN’s sustainable development goals - it’s relevant.

  • Care for each other. We should always do what we can to make sure that everyone within our network are doing good, and if they are not, we’ll help them get there.

  • We should always help our community to grow as as individuals, within their leadership, and their ability to create impact.

Examples of What do we do when we are together?

As long as you can check off the effect of one or more of the points above - you are good to go. Here are some suggestions of what that could be:

  • Future Talks: Short presentations on relevant topics. Framework: max time for a presentation is 20 min. These events are open for everyone. A decent amount of time are prioritized for mingling. For framework on Future Talks; check here

  • Dinner Parties: Dinner parties are a great way to sit down and have good dialogues. Click here for framework and tips for FL dinners

  • Gather everyone to see an event hosted by someone else

  • Go out for a glass of wine/ a beer

  • Host breakfasts - always a good idea. Could be with or without a talk. cool tips is to get one of the participants etc to share their knowledge.

  • Anything involving the SDGs are super relevant and cool!

What are we not doing:

  • We don’t do anything that can offend, hurt or compromise the integrity of others

  • We don’t take part/ host/ invite to religious or political events.

  • We don’t take part/ host/ invite to events with drugs.

What social and professional culture are we aiming for?

We’re aiming to create a culture based on a good and cool vibe where we have fun together, take care of each other, and learn together.

Who’s invited

We have 4 levels:

  1. The Future Leaders Local / International Team

  2. The future Leaders local participants// previous participants

  3. The Future Leaders global participants/ previous participants

  4. The Future leaders (one of the above) and the external network with all cool and interesting people.

For different events different target groups will be relevant - feel free to take a decision on who you’re inviting based on what you think is most needed.

In short

If you have in mind the points mentioned above you are pretty much good to do anything. Don’t overthink it - it’s always better to do something than nothing at all. Maybe you won’t reach all the goals the first time, but you don't get anywhere without trying.

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